The Jurassic Period of the Kickstarter Rewards
Posted January 30, 2015 at 02:32 am

I can't wait for next week with our new pal Jerry.

The Jurassic Period of the Kickstarter Rewards!

Actually according to a dinosaur's calendar I guess this would be the Cretaceous period. Anyway!

Kickstarter peeps! Yeah, from last year. Welcome to this year! And now it is my pleasure to finally finish the last of your rewards. Here are the remaining rewards that have not yet been shipped out:

  • Avatars (except Justin because he got his photos in really fucking fast)
  • Adventure Time OGN (turns out my next book is due out this summer, not last fall!)
  • Original Postcard and Tour Poster art (I know both of you so I may just hand-deliver them!)
  • Cameo Appearance #2 (IF THIS IS YOU (CHRIS!!), SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS SOON!)
  • Any rewards that were returned or never made it to their destination (except the returned/unreceived Procrastination Posters - those were sent out this week, so heads up!)

And that's it! Everything else was shipped last year.

Are you someone who pledged for a totally different reward, but you're totally sure that you never received it? Please let me know asap by e-mailing me at so I can get you on my list as soon as possible! I'm home for the next two weeks and would love to get the last of everyone's stuff out by then. :)

I'm dedicating this weekend and next week to finishing the avatars (they've been drawn, just not colored). You avatar-pledgers have been crazy patient with me and I'm going to make it worth your while! <3


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