Valentine's Day Form
Posted February 12, 2015 at 01:50 am

We juuuuust missed the boat for a sex toy giveaway in time for Valentine's Day, buuuuut, in case you needed a gift idea for your sweetie* (and are willing to pay for express shipping!), I'd like to give a quick endorsement of Jimmyjane's new Luxury Edition Form 2 (which, as you may know if you've paid attention to my past blogs about ol' Hoo-Hah Corsetto*, is my favorite vibe of all time). 

Let me tell you, I literally just held both my classic Form 2 and the new Form 2 LE (yes, while typing this; don’t ever touch my keyboard) and turned them both on to the first level of vibration, expecting a slight variation… and was SHOCKED to find that my old Form 2, which you can just assume has been running since the moment I received it in 2011, was vibrating at the EXACT same speed as the new one. These things are built to LAST, unlike most of your sex partners.

So what's different about the Form 2 LE? It's about $40 more than the original Form 2, is a slightly darker shade of velvety black (that, or my old one's just vibrated some of that classy sheen off the surface over the years), it comes with a sexy black recharging stand with a USB connector, the bottom of the vibe is 24 karat gold, and the little "hello" light on the front is a soft, sultry gold as well.

If you like the Form 2, but want something special to kick up the romance a notch, this is the vibe for you. And for me. It is definitely the vibe for me. *vibrates off into the sunset*

* and by "sweetie" I mean "your pet name for your clitoris"
**and by "Hoo-Hah Corsetto" I mean "the formal name for my clitoris"


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