Cat Heaven
Posted February 24, 2015 at 12:19 am

The cattery (THAT IS A WORD) at this rescue is based on the cat room that I very vaguely remember visiting at Pigs Animal Sanctuary in my very own Shepherdstown, WV. (Warning: automatic audio! But it's a cute British kid talking about a piglet called Pigalina, so it could be worse.)

The reason I only vaguely remember this room is because I was in my happy place. IT WAS CAT HEAVEN. It's like some cat whisperer who has no human friends but loves and understands cats and probably has an ironic severe allergy to cat fur came in and created this room, with its huge tree trunk in the center, branching out to a carpeted shelf that ran along the edge of the ceiling with just about a foot of space, so that cats could climb up to the shelf and plant themselves in a safe perch high above the rest of the room, while other cats gazed out an enormous window overlooking a field. I sat on the circular wooden bench around the tree trunk, amongst the kitties, hypnotized, stroking a happy long-haired adoptee of the sanctuary.

Highly recommended, obviously.

I can't decide if a cattery full of goopy kitties would be better than real kitties, but I'm certain it'd be at least as good.


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