Posted August 10, 2010 at 02:01 am
Yeah, no joke guys! GWS is gonna be in color now!

I wanted to wait until I'd wrapped up a thousand strips before I started going with color. Or, y'know, colour, since I'm typing this from Montreal.

I've never considered myself terribly good at using color, and for now it's taking a painful amount of time to get the colors to look right, but hopefully the practice will do me some good.

I hope you like it. :) That is all.

OH WAIT, that is not all! I forgot to mention that I'll be at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, assuming I can make it back into the States! (Brought the wrong passport, long story, embarrassment, stop laughing already.)

I'll be at table A185 next to, uh, some other... artists... I have no idea where that is, but I'm sure I'll be tweeting about it once I get there!

I'll have a new poster for sale and will be doing sketches for donations! Hope you see you guys there!

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