Beloved Jessi!
Posted August 9, 2010 at 02:01 am
Do you remember my beloved Assistant Jessi? She's the one who's been packing and shipping and schlepping and scheduling for GWS since last October. Here's a picture of us when she first came to GWS!

So, I adore Jessi, as does basically every human being who meets her. But we both knew she'd only be here for awhile (I'll explain why later this month!), so Jessi moved back to Georgia last week.

She worked her tail off while she was here so that I could focus more on GWS as the business has grown. She's dealt with lost orders and special requests and reordering materials and packing for conventions. She's made it possible for me to sell original art I would have otherwise had no time to pack myself. Yes, she has even done my laundry. Like, a lot of laundry.

I couldn't have survived the last year without her!

So if you're at a convention and you see Jessi (yes, she likes comics and goes to cons!), you may want to thank her for all of her work here. :)

We'll miss you here, Jessi!

But, luckily, we'll always have Twitter. <3

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