Flash Blizzard
Posted March 30, 2020 at 10:48 pm

Show of hands, who wishes they'd been snowed in at Thea and Mimi's with this crew the last couple of weeks?

Here's the old post!

Hey, I usually update all of these on Monday evenings (in case you were wondering why it's always a TUESDAY update that seems to go up late! Particularly right now while THE DAYS MEAN NOTHING), so I'm updating this one in real-time. And I thought I'd ask, if you're willing: Where are you right now, and how is your area handling the virus containment?

I'd love to start this off and tell you what's up in West Virginia, but to be honest I swapped my Monday for last Saturday and decided to spend the last half of the day buzzed and watching cartoons with Luke instead of paying attention to the news. So I'm not sure where we are right now. I know my parents can't come to visit me from Maryland as of 8 pm tonight.

To be fair, nothing much has changed for me; I celebrated 15 years of self-employment and working from home on March 19th (!!!), and it occurs to me that the main difference for me has just been my Sunday night Art Nights that I've been hosting for the last few years. I miss my townie friends who religiously show up and drink and draw and catch up and share good/bad music until we all either a) retire around 2 am or b) rarely, make the foolish decision to move the party to the Meck (or worse, farther down the hill and always open: the Dev). Luckily most of my friends here work in town, where everything is closed on Mondays. 

I'm nervous about my restaurant friends, my musician friends, my caricature artist friends, my friends who run small businesses, and in particular, my town, but I'm holding my breath and taking everything day by day. Me, I have a feeling I'll be fine; I'm not worried about the actual virus (my brother and his wife found out they both had it, they're well now). Booze and entertainment both tend to do well in mass crisis situations, and my new project launches May 4th (!!HELLO I HAVE A START DATE NOW!!). Better yet, I'm launching it online, where everyone lives now. Maybe I should read it out loud on Zoom. ;)

Our local grocery store is still out of toilet paper, but finding something to wipe my ass on has never been an issue for me. I'm resourceful. *Girl Scout finger sign*

So, tell me about your situation, if you're so inclined. Y'all have been in my thoughts.


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