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Posted April 30, 2020 at 10:00 pm

She never did get a lock for that thing.

HEY! SO! Today is the day! Elephant Town starts now! You may or may not already be on the mailing list, in which case you'll read this stuff in an email soon, but since you're here and I'm here and I love you guys let's just spill it all here first.

Unlike GWS, Elephant Town is going to be a long-form graphic novel! So it'll be shared online every Monday in chunks of 2-5 pages (depending on the scene - I don't wanna leave people mid-conversation, waiting a whole week for a character to finish their thought!).

I won't say too much about the premise, but it's about life in my little town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, through the eyes of four characters who don't know each other... yet.

I'll be posting the pages on Patreon every Monday for $2/month, but in light of, y'know, EVERYTHING, the first four chapters will be posted without a paywall, so you can read them for free. Happy birthday!

In case you're able to pledge and would like to, you can choose from three tiers:

  • $2/month: read the new Elephant Town pages every Monday
  • $3/month: you also get to vote on little details that happen in the comic
  • $5/month: all of that plus sneak peeks, process shots, regular figure drawing sessions, works in progress, dumb cat drawings, that sort of thing

**Edited to add: if you're becoming a patron for the first time (or upping your pledge), wait until May technically starts in your time zone! I don't want you to be charged twice!

If you'd rather not become a patron - and that is TOTALLY OKAY - you can read it for free by just hitting the "follow" button below the tiers. You'll get email notifications whenever there's a public update, including those first four chapters.

If you decide to become a patron - or if you already are one/have been one in the past - THANK YOU from the depths of my heart. I really want to give this story the time and care it deserves, and my patrons are the ones who are making that financially possible (as well as keeping the whole thing ad-free).

OH! Speaking of ad-free, my long plan is to put this book up on its own dedicated, public, ad-free website whenever a new chapter is finished. I'm not announcing that until I'm 100% sure I have that website locked in, but that's the plan. So eventually Patreon will be more of a "pay to read it before everyone else can" deal.

That's it! Elephant Town is going to be way different than GWS, but... well, I can't not write Hazel into everything, just a little bit. I really hope you like it.

Oh, and here's the old post!


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