Posted September 17, 2020 at 10:00 pm

I remember this strip was inspired by a visit to a traveling carnival ages ago - a decade now? - with Randy after a convention in Austin. After we did the haunted house (our only must-do item), we boarded a car on the exact same ride Hazel and Jamie are riding. Some lanky bored teen barely-clicked our handlebar and I was convinced, as someone who failed to comprehend the physics behind this ride, that we were going to die.

I panic-wrote the headline in my head as we backed up ever closer to the tippy top of the loop: Webcomics Artists Die On Shitty Carnival Ride (Milholland's last words "even the haunted house sucked" according to passerby).

Or possibly...

Webcomics Death Ruled Murder-Suicide Because What Self-Respecting Adult Gets On One Of These Things.

Anyway. It was a nice memory, especially the part where we didn't die.

Here's the old post!


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