Ping-Pong Goldfish Game
Posted September 20, 2020 at 10:00 pm

This is how I got my goldfish, Goldie.

Actually I didn't even play the ping-pong game. I was doing caricatures at a carnival-themed party that had the ping-pong goldfish game, and the parents who hosted the party GAVE ME, a college student, a goldfish in a bag. I think they were desperately giving them to everybody.

Twelve years later, Goldie was buried in the backyard. TWELVE. When I went to the pet store to ask if someone there knew what was wrong with my fish (answer: gross fish owner doesn't like to clean fish tank), I proudly proclaimed that Goldie was twelve, and the fish pro matter-of-factly replied "Oh, so she's just reaching sexual maturity."

That's right, goldfish mature at the same speed as humans. 

What a world.

Here's the old post! And here's a little artwork I did of alternate universe Hazel and Jamie, if the bar had been properly k-chnked and they'd just enjoyed the ride. <3


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