Dating in the house.
Posted April 2, 2015 at 10:00 pm

I've used Jamie's line on so many romantic homebody friends over the years. How is Dating Delivery Service not a thing yet?

You may have noticed that we went from strip 14 to strip 16. I'm skipping over a very small handful of strips that broke the fourth wall and didn't feel quite right for the re-release, but I'll always make note of it down here! Click below to view the strip in between:

I can't even recall what my update days were before this. Saturdays and Wednesdays, I think? Anyway, that's me growing my hair out in that last panel, and my roommate Kris just off panel, giving our first shout-out to  the Meck! (Yes, it is a real bar, and yes, it is my favorite.)



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