Smudged vs. Stoned
Posted November 7, 2021 at 10:00 pm

I can't be certain, but I *think* my first intern Laeluu was responsible for the coloring on this psychedelic strip, because I have no idea how those rainbow colors were added!

HEY, I'm part of this cool studio tour this weekend, the Over The Mountain Studio Tour! There are 21 of us eastern panhandle West Virginia artists on the tour, and my studio is one of the stops.

Basically you just look over all the artists and decide which ones you want to visit, use this page to get all the addresses of the studios you wanna hit, and get in your car and go. It's free and self-guided, and you can come over anytime between 10 and 5 this Saturday or Sunday.

If you come to my place, let me know you heard about it here! I'm anticipating that most visitors will be strangers who aren't super into cartoons (I'm also hosting Diane Myers, a hand weaver, so a lot of people are gonna be there just for her). So it'd make my day if I heard you're a GWS fan. :)

Here's the old post!


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