Posted August 29, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Goopy Kitty is very old-fashioned.

Here's the old post!

Oh hey, the last chapter is up on the Elephant Town website! By "last chapter" I don't mean "the end of the book." Far from it. I just haven't finished any other chapters; this last one is Chapter 12, and I just started Chapter 13 on Patreon.

Next Monday I'll start putting the new pages of Elephant Town on Patreon for $2/month, but only because I need to eat! NOT TO PUNISH YOU. I still want people to read it for free. So it'll always be free (and ad-free, did you notice that?!) on the website. You'll just have to wait awhile - I only post full chapters there, and each chapter takes a month or two to create.

I liked this dumb drawing I did of me and Pip, so even though it was intended for my newsletter, here's a giant image that's easier to tap with your big ol' finger, in case you're on a phone:

There's a $2 level for just the comic and announcements, and a $5 level for studies, sketches, figure drawings, and other behind-the-scenes stuff. There's also a "pay annually" option that saves you like 5%, if you'd rather one-and-done it.

OR!! Again, you are SO WELCOME to just read it for free on the website! There's an RSS and even a "bookmark page" button. Or just wait until it's a book in like 4 years. I wanna make this as easy and pleasant for you to read as possible.

And if you haven't even started reading it yet, but you wanna, the beginning is right here.

That's it for tonight. Hope you had a marvelous Monday and have a uhhh tubular Tuesday! I hope something tubelike makes you happy today. (All my innuendos are accidental.)


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