The Longest Hardest Hug
Posted September 5, 2022 at 10:44 pm

It's not that Hazel can't comprehend sex that lasts longer than an hour, it's that Hazel can't comprehend her mom having sex any longer than a bird.

Here's the old post! And there were some Sloth Erin fillers in between that start here if you wanna read them! (There's an especially cute one about how Carol and Simon met!) (<--In which, Carol is me.)

ALSO, totally wild to read now: I posted my "I'm ending GWS" announcement in there, too! Wow, geez, I actually stuck to the plan, except for the hiatus being VERY long. Aww I wonder what I'll post when Elephant Town is over... !

Speaking of which, I'm finishing up the most recent Elephant Town update now, but if you're all caught up on the website (all 12 finished chapters are up!), you can keep reading on Patreon.

These next couple of pages will be behind a paywall, but it's only $2/month! And if you'd rather wait and read for free, this current chapter should be finished & up on the website in November!

I HOPE ALL OF THIS MAKES SENSE!! I know Patreon can be a little confusing for some people, so if you have questions, ask away in the comments! <3


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