The End of The End of The Beginning
Posted November 17, 2022 at 10:00 pm

This felt really good to draw. :.)

GWS will live on in our heads and hearts forever, mmmbuuut still, let's keep rerunning it daily, because this is a really nice corner of the Internet, and there aren't many of those left! I love that this is a safe place for (mostly) civil discussion. 

Plus, it's gonna be wild to see this 2004-era comic restarting 18 (!!?!?$#&@!?!!) years later. I don't even know what a goatee means about a person these days, other than that they were probably born in the 80s and haven't changed up their style since college.

(Now I'm wondering what the characters would look like in 2022. Jamie would have an asymmetrical undercut, cute arm tattoos, and maybe a tiny little septum ring? Hazel would... look exactly like Hazel.)

During the studio tour I hosted last weekend, a few people asked me what I plan on doing when Elephant Town is done. Without a beat: "Comedy." I miss it! And I miss making comic strips, even though I'm LOVING the freedom of telling a story page by page without ending every row in a punchline. I think about what our world will look like in 2026 when ET is finished, and I have a feeling people will need something to laugh at. Hell, I'll need something to laugh at, and making something fun and funny again would be good for my own sanity. 

Anyway, just thinking out loud about the future. And trying not to think about how old I'll be when GWS finishes for a third time...

If you know someone who always meant to read GWS, but was intimidated by the heft of the archive, let them know to come visit the site next Monday! And if you're new here, welcome, and I hope you enjoy this slightly-dated, but still pretty decent, story that I wrote mostly drunk in my twenties. :)


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