GWS Hair of the Dog #1
Posted November 20, 2022 at 10:00 pm

And then, suddenly, Hazel grew lips again.

Happy Monday! In case you're coming here fresh or missed last week's commentary, today's post starts the beginning of the second set of reruns of GWS! We called the first set of reruns "chasers." I don't remember who suggested "hair of the dog" to be the new "chaser," but seeing as this is following too much of a good thing with more of that thing, I can't think of a better name for it. So, thank you, whoever you were!

I'm gonna keep the titles numbered through this run - one, so that it's immediately clear that these are early strips, and two, to save me the ridiculous amount of time I was spending coming up with a clever new title for each strip, which 95% of the time ended with me throwing my hands in the air and yelling "I don't know, 'HAZEL HAS A DAY'." 

But I'll keep the tradition of linking the first version of this strip, as well as the chaser version, so that you can compare not only the first run's artwork (someone get Hazel and Jameson a tanning booth), but you can also compare the hover text and cackle at me when I unintentionally write the same concept seven years later.

And that's it for now! This week's Elephant Town is posted for $2 Patreon patrons over here, in case you're following that, and if you've been itching for me to reopen my store in time for Cyber Monday, stay tuned because I'm working on it this week!


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