Maced Her
Posted March 18, 2016 at 02:28 am

Here's the old strip!

I feel like Chris' comment could read a little sexist, being authored by a female and all, so let me clear that up!

**... and edit, after reading comments! edits are in italics**

**I originally said that "I firmly believe the only difference between men and women (aside from cultural impact on each) is their size and strength." I went to bed thinking "dude you don't know anything about how brains work, you probably shouldn't have said that." So allow me to go back on that one and just say that there are physical differences between males and females.

I also didn't add the disclaimer that I'm talking about male-born people and female-born people. Trans folk, I know it sucks to be constatnly excluded in these discussions, but this one's about biological sex in humans who aren't altering their hormones (and I imagine I have to exclude intersex people as well). As with any generalized discussion, there are a lot of people who have to sigh and go "cool, I'm gonna check myself out of this one. Again." I'm sorry! It's super generalizing. But that's what Chris is doing - generalizing.

Alright, that mostly covers what I originally meant to say. Sorry for this clumsy post! I hope it makes sense anyway.**

Males are, on average, larger and stronger than females. Which is a shame, because it's embarrassing to have to ask your boyfriend to lift heavy objects all the time, no I'm not speaking from experience not at all.

Chris is reflecting on that. He knew he was stronger than Candy, so being attacked by her wasn't as threatening as it would have been if he were smaller and weaker than his assailant.


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