Ride a Pony to Work
Posted August 29, 2016 at 01:21 am

I'm sure most of you already know this bit of trivia because it's in every interview I've ever done, but Hazel's words were straight from the horse's mouth and I'm the horse. Or, I guess, I was the horse when I was 6.

I remember telling my mom this, verbatim, in kindergarten or first grade when I realized all the shit that was going to be expected of me when I got older and became A Woman. I think I've lived up to my 30-year plan pretty well thus far. Making comics for a living is about the closest you can get to riding a horse to work.

Hey, announcement!! I know, I so rarely make announcements down here anymore. I so rarely have something to announce!

SPX (and other shows I won't be at)

First of all, I'd like to bring your attention to the nigh-vacant 2016 schedule on the right. I'm skipping SPX this year, partially because my friends get together for a yearly reunion and this year they happened to pick SPX weekend, but also because I don't have anything new to sell, and I'd feel like a jerk taking up space with old merch when there are so many amazing artists on the waitlist who would better utilize that space.

So, my apologies if you were hoping to see me at SPX! But you should still definitely go; it's such an amazing show and the entry fee is extremely reasonable!

TopatoCon was canceled entirely this year, which means that the only other convention I'll be at this year is the small (but fun!) one-day show in Baltimore that I love, Bmore Into Comics, on December 10th.

The Patreon Monthly Special

I'm shifting gears with Patreon starting this Thursday. Every weekday from September through CHRISTMAS (it ends perfectly on Christmas!), I'll be sharing all 84 of the original The New Adventures of Bat Boy comic that I did for the Weekly World News a decade ago. I'm excited to share this with you guys!! And to re-live it myself; I can't remember the last time I re-read the entire run. 

Unless plans change between now and then, it'll be available for all patrons pledging $5 or more. So if you're already a $5+ patron, you'll be getting Bat Boy strips starting this week! If you're not already a patron and you wanna be, I'll share the link on Thursday so you can start then and get the full run of Bat Boy. :)


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