Posted March 22, 2015 at 11:15 pm

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Of course I had to tell you that first, because I'm five. (I'm thirty-four.)

This was the comic where I learned that doing a three-panel strip would inevitably lead to word balloons that were too long!

For those who are curious, by the way, the "tri-state area" in my head was New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York... but GWS sort of exists in a make-believe state in between all three, so perhaps I should have said "quad-state area." I don't think I'd yet figured out the logistics of "where this shit happens" at this point.

I've heard a lot of people asking for other comic recommendations since GWS wrapped up a week ago (was it seriously only a week ago??), and I just found this comic called lunarbaboon and I'm basically getting nothing done tonight because of it. It's like SMBC if SMBC were only about really sweet family stuff. By which I mean, some of them are really sweet and thoughtful, and some of them are really sweet and thoughtful and HILARIOUS. I've shouted laughter from my studio at least five times tonight and I'm only twenty comics in.

On a note that's unrelated to anything except maybe comics and myself, Lar (of LICD/LFG fame) is drawing AMAZING cartoons of myself and my podcast buddy Rich Stevens (we do an aimless little podcast called Coffee & Cider) after we talked about my stint at the Weekly World News and how we should revive the old wacky rag ourselves.

By the by, I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle with Randy this weekend!! Who will I see there? Anyone-anyone-Bueller?



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