Freak out the breeders.
Posted March 19, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Man, I love that second panel in color.

I was really surprised when I realized that Darren was introduced to the strip this early! I remember when this one was published, a friend of mine e-mailed to warn me that I really would lose readers by bringing a gay drag queen into my comic. Hehe. (Russ, if you're reading this, sorry to rag on ya!)

It looks like I'd already started inking with a Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen (brush nib) at this point, and had ditched the digital font to allow myself to practice hand lettering. The brush pens are great for getting a variety of line width when inking your artwork! Unfortunately, the brush pens are NOT a great tool to use for hand lettering. I learned eventually. ;)

In case you'd like something to read on your Friday (perhaps your Friday off, if you're in my area - looks like we're due for more Neverending Snow), there's an article up at the Washington Post about the end of GWS. The always excellent Alyssa Rosenburg asked me some great questions, including how I decided to end the strip, where's Tyler these days, what's next on my to-do list, and why McPedro got stuck in Hazel's backpack. Happy weekend to you!



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