Hazel and Jamie and the Coffee of Doom
Posted June 21, 2015 at 09:54 pm

Admittedly, in this case Jamie is my autobio outlet  for when someone takes my advice even if it goes horribly, horribly wrong.

By the way, sorry those links never actually link to, say, a story about a time when my advice was horribly, horribly wrong! I was getting tired of making a sentence that basically stated "THIS IS THE STRIP IN BLACK AND WHITE." Let me know if that's a more or less annoying way of linking the old black-and-white strips.

Speaking of the old strips, do you miss Hazel and Jamie? Of course, we all do (okay, I do and I'm projecting). Well I snuck them into made them the main attraction in my guest comic for Questionable Content this week! It's a recurring joke, so if you haven't been following the guest strips, click here and keep hitting "next."

I normally don't indulge in putting my characters in other people's guest comics, but I missed them and I felt like Jeph probably wouldn't mind. ;) You may consider this a post-ending canon story if you so choose!

Also, there's a cool Kickstarter project that I'll be a part of and it just launched! It's called The Sunday Comics and it's gonna be a collection of 150+ cartoonists' work - web and syndicated and otherwise - in one gigantic newspaper a la the actual Suday funny pages, and converted into a huge beautiful book afterwards! I'll be in it, so go have a look. (The video is totally tolerable, too!) 


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