Geek Girls
Posted June 23, 2015 at 01:08 am

Well there's a word that quickly went out of style in GWS!

Hey, look, I took your advice* and made a separate sentence that's not as misleading and links to the original black-and-white strip! Woo!

And to follow up one Kickstarter post with another, check out the anthology full of geek girl dating stories, the Secret Loves of Geek Girls, that's on the table as of now!

Seeing as I'm not really much of a geek girl (not a Fake Geek Girl, just a girl who draws comics but doesn't read them), the anthology will feature a small collection of old GWS srips, mostly about Maureen's nerdy love for Jameson. Awww.

Pitch in if you're a geeky girl - or know a geeky girl - who would appreciate a book full of stories about tough love in geekery!

*all like 1.5 of you - that's the power of speaking up!


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