Bearded Darren Fetish
Posted June 28, 2018 at 10:00 pm

I regret not coming up with and using a longer list of beard pet-names like "chin sweater."

I have TWO signings to announce today! One is TONIGHT in Essex Junction, Vermont, at Words With Pictures, which is a print shop run by my former intern (and talented cartoonist, herself), Steph Zuppo! They're having an open house and I'm gonna drop in from 6-9, so I'll have books with me as well. Come by for a fun, casual evening!

On Saturday, I'll be in Montreal signing at Drawn & Quarterly from 5-7! I'll be signing with the talented and delightful Boum of Boumeries. You may have seen her strips on Instagram; if not, give them a look, she's brilliant!

If you're into Facebook invites, here's the one for tonight in Vermont, and here's the one for Montreal.

And as always, here's the old strip! 


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