GWS is ending soon... until Hazel beats her way out of my head again.
Posted December 29, 2014 at 02:10 am

It feels weird to finally post this after planning for it for over a year.

For the past decade, I feel like I've shared nearly every plan I've had for GWS with you in the blog, on Twitter, or in interviews. But I knew I needed to keep this one under wraps until I had all my geese in a row and knew exactly what was going to happen this year.

GWS will end as a webcomic in the next couple of months. Because I want the writing process to continue to be as organic as it's always been (see also: written a few hours before I update), I'm not putting an exact date on it yet. So you'll find out the same way I will; a week beforhand, most likely!

But I doubt it'll be the end of GWS. And by "doubt" I mean "unless next year's artistic experiments result in an intense interest in psychedelics and I shift my path from comics to acrylic tie-dye style paintings on turtle shells," you will see Hazel and Jamie and everyone else again. It most likely won't be in webcomic form; in fact, if GWS comes back, it'll be a format that will give the characters more room to breathe.

I was a photo major in college, and despite a handful of great art classes, I never quite got the art education I wanted. I'll be pursuing that in the upcoming year, taking classes and experimenting with paint and classic media, so that no matter what I do after this, it'll be my best effort.

And I'll be sharing my progress here, because uuuhhh honestly I think I'd get lonely if I didn't. :) I'm forever indebted to those of you who read this comic every day and have been for ages; your patronage and support over the years has been unparalleled, and I'd honestly miss y'all if I didn't stick around where you can find me. 

I hope you'll stick with me during this 2015 journey and I hope this announcement of the ending doesn't get you down too much! I'm excited about the upcoming storylines we still have to experience, and I can't wait to roll back down GWS Memory Lane with you guys in a couple of months, in full color by Laeluu, and revisit some of the old strips (as well as enjoy a couple of new strips; I'll be tweaking some of the old story, and it will be canon!). 

If you have any questions at all, please click on the comments section below and let me know! I'll be doing a sort of rolling FAQ this week in the blog, although I won't be answering any "will we ever see X character totally bone Y character?" and you already know that by X I mean Joshua and by Y I mean Clarice so you can ask that all you want but you won't get an answer from me. ;)

For the record, Laeluu doesn't strike me as someone who says "no biggie," so please credit me on that delightfully 90s-sounding quote.


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