GWS Hair of the Dog #156
Posted July 2, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Missing panel: Hazel entirely missing her shirt and pouring beer all over her pants.

Hey, I am SO SORRY for the delay in getting this next strip up! I was out of town without my laptop, Hiveworks password, or the GWS files that were supposed to go up - I totally borked it. Thanks for being so cool about it and, apparently, coming back today!

By the way, now that Twitter sounds like it's officially crumbling, I'm hanging out over on Bluesky while the water's still warm. It's like Twitter circa 2009. Same dcorsetto handle, predictably. Hope to see some of you there!

Oh, and here's the old strip! Here's the old chaser! There's no Elephant Town update today on Patreon because I'm still working on that Drive guest strip!

OH, one last thing! I finally added some events to the 2023 calendar (on your right):

July 21-23: Over The Mountain Studio Tour Summer Show
Small gallery show with my studio tour buddies at Evolve in Shepherdstown - I'll be there for the opening Friday night 5-8!

September 9-10: SPX
I'll have a table, selling GWS books and probably prints and originals

November 11-12: Over The Mountain Studio Tour
My studio will be open for the weekend and I'll be hosting a couple of other local artists!

The small summer show this month should be a fun one; I'd love to meet some of you in person at our opening, so put it on your list if you're local! I'll be there from 5-8 Friday the 21st.


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