GWS Hair of the Dog #224
Posted November 1, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Jamie's big on sober driving, so there is ZERO DOUBT Zach has driven them more than just that one time. Probably with similar shenanigans going on in the back.

Hey, two things! One, I made a silly dumb Eyeball Monster costume for Halloween! You can see it on Instagram, or if you're on Patreon you can see all the steps that went into making it (plus my original, much sexier sketches of the idea that did NOT happen, fortunately for my butt).

And TWO: next weekend (Nov 11-12) is the Over The Mountain Studio Tour and I'm stop #2 on the map! If you're in the area (Maryland/DC/NoVa/southern PA/eastern panhandle of West Virginia), it's a lovely drive and there are a bunch of artist on the tour. 

Here's the original post! Here's the color chaser!


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