Jesus!! And other public service announcements.
Posted April 12, 2006 at 02:01 am

Blame my Christian upbringing, but posting this comic makes me feel hella guilty unless I openly confess that I've got nothin' but love for the big J.
Son of God or not, he sounds like he was one helluva guy.

So I hope I'm not offending anyone out there.
After all, Jesus does, in fact, have MySpace friends.

In other news... did you know that if you go three or four years without seeing a dentist, your next teeth cleaning will likely HURT LIKE HELL??!!
Holy crap, I wasn't expecting what I encountered yesterday at the dentist's office at all.
I've always had perfect teeth. I never even understood why people loathed the dentist, until now.

The hygenist told me that what she was doing was the equivalent of scraping firmly adhered cement from my teeth.
It felt a bit more like she was scraping firmly adhered TEETH from my teeth. OUCH!

So, PLEASE! For the sake of your mouth, floss your effin' teeth!!

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