Posted June 21, 2006 at 02:01 am

So I have a new announcement to make; one that a few of your own favorite webcomic creators will be making today.

While I was in Pittsburgh, I found myself in a most excellent corner booth... but very, very far away from Jennie, Jamie, and several other webcomic creators.
This made it impossible for us to promote one another. The statement "If you like GWS, you'll probably like The Devil's Panties" fell out of my mouth so many times I couldn't count, yet the only way I could point readers in Jennie's direction was by waving vaguely to my left and telling them "She's way the hell over there. Somewhere."

One evening while hanging out with my Jersey crew (including Jamie), the idea of a loose promotional "group" came up.
Before I knew it, we had a hoard of webcreators interested in promoting one another at Baltimore this year.

Thus, Webcomic Hotness was born, and we now have a solid group of people who will be in one convenient location at the Baltimore show (several will also be at ConnectiCon in July, as well!).

While this isn't a formal "group" like Blank Label, it's a great way for people to find their favorite webcreators (and discover new ones!) while at Baltimore in September.

If I may, I simply have to gloat about our amazing Christi, the webcreator who put almost EVERYTHING together.
The site and all its little odds and ends look AMAZING, thanks to her!

So even if you're not going to be at Baltimore this year, be sure to browse the other artists and writers at the Webcomic Hotness site, and tell your friends!

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