Go to your room!
Posted June 19, 2006 at 02:01 am

I JUST got back from spending the day at my parents' house, giving a long-overdue Father's Day/Mother's Day/Christmas gift to my parents: I cleaned my room.

Now, unless you're an old high school or college friend who remembers what "my room" looks like, this does not sound as daunting as it should.
My old bedroom has been called many things, mostly containing words such as "bomb testing site," "nuclear explosion," "tornado," and "CLEAN IT NOW or you're f*ing GROUNDED!!"

So I made a dent today - it's about 50% cleaner (and Goodwill just became 50% richer).
Oh, the things I found. Naturally, I took some of them home to share with my favorite readers in the whole world (now don't be coy, that's YOU!).

Among my findings were:
One of those things we used to fit no more than two paragraphs of text on.
My student ID, senior year of high school.
A lovely piece of jewelry that was banned from public schools (points if you can tell me why!).
These fancy brooches, which I will wear at my next cocktail party.
A package of superhuman fruit, which I fear are still edible after 8 or 9 years under my bed.

As I unearth more, you'll be sure to hear all about it.

In fact, later today I may just share a find or two that have to do with GWS.
As in, comic strips. As in, comic strips that may or may not feature Hazel. From 1998.

See? There's an incentive to bear with me and stick around 'til I update the comic this afternoon. :)

P.S. I'm totally wearing that slap-bracelet every day of my life.

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