Cutting room floor.
Posted November 1, 2006 at 02:01 am

Well, I had a strip all worked up for today, but it's the first one I've ever fully scripted and then promptly tossed.
I worked on it all day long.
I was trying to introduce a new character that, well, really doesn't need to be introduced right now, and it feels obviously misplaced.
I've been trying to work her in for awhile, but every way I've tried to move her smoothly into the current storyline, it felt too forced.

So I'm going to re-script this one today and post it later. The new character will find her way in when she's ready.

Meanwhile... !

You know me. If I don't have a strip, I at least TRY to have something in its place.
Well, I've got these two framed photographs that have been in my living room for far too long, and I'm finally ready to sell them.


(Click either image above to go to its eBay auction!)

The one on the left is a montage of nine 4x5 Polaroids, so eventually they ARE going to change color, but I've found it's kind of a neat (and very slow) process.
The photos are incredibly close and crisp images of white roses framed in black mat board.
They were shot with some fabulously narrow depth of field (non-photo people: this means some parts are very very crisp, while everything else is blurry as all get-out).
The frame is just a cheap black wooden one, and there is a small chunk missing from the top right corner, but it's on the back of the frame and it's hardly noticeable.
The entire framed art measures 19.5" x 23.5" and a thick metal chain is attached to the back for hanging.

The second one is a large color photograph I printed a few years back - the actual image measures 14" x 24" and was hand printed on Agfa RC paper.
I shot it in Georgetown, so anybody who's familiar with the DC area might appreciate this one.
Likewise, anyone who's a big Abercrombie & Fitch fan might appreciate it, too.
In the black aluminum frame, this one's 18.5"x 24.5" and matted in white.

You can see details of the roses art here and details of the "Screaming Bags" art here.

Hey, guess what that means! That means that I actually stuck to my word when I said I'd start the eBay auctions in November!
Now just wait 'til I can start putting all the old drawings I've found in my closet on the market...

By the way, you may have noticed that the "pending" notice to your right has gone away and that I am DEFINITELY going to the Birmingham International Comics Show December 9&10.
Woohoo!!! All you British readers better show up with your best McPedro impersonations!!

Oh, and HAR!! Mangled Stare's GWS crossover is still crackin' me up!!
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