New website!! And RIP, Bob...
Posted November 2, 2006 at 02:01 am

First, some of you may have noticed that the site has changed its face!
This is a temporary change, but the rest of the site will be under construction for the rest of the year, and a MUCH better portfolio site will take its place.

Next, I received yet another effing BRILLIANT piece of fan art.
At first I didn't even get it. But luckily, Mike the Mighty included the memorial service:

We gather here in this email to mourn the loss of Bob, someone very close to us all (specially Hazel), known and loved by all (specially Hazel) and brought us many moments of joy (SPECIALLY TO HAZEL!).

It was one day in May 2005 when Hazel Tellington rescued him from his plastic prison.
After this he brought many moments of joy and happiness to all that knew him, until that fateful night.
At the beginning of 2006 he started to show his first signs of old age and couldn't bring as much joy and bliss as he used to...

He tried to bring joy by trying to be useful, and helped out as back massager.
A job he did as best as he could until he passed away with one final WRRRRRR...

He is now a part of the Great Proton Pack that we all hope to be part of one day. May he rest in pieces...

*sniff!* And I didn't even know him that well!! *SOB!!*


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