Begging, with benefits.
Posted November 8, 2006 at 02:01 am

The class I got the most out of while I was in college was taught by Dana Aldis, who now holds an open figure drawing session on Wednesday nights at the college.

Granted I can draw a human being without looking at one, but I could REALLY use some anatomy practice.
So I'm going to start going again (I stopped going when I realized that I could draw our model, Bob, by memory back when we weren't getting any new models), and I'll play show-and-tell with you guys when I do.
Here's last night's:


So, two notes: one, just for reference, the model was actually wearing a bathing suit, and two, I got there late thinking that it started an hour later, so I only really got a chance to do a few sketches.

**Attention! Here's where the begging begins! Class participation requested!**

What I'm wondering is... if I keep doing this, would you guys like me to put the pieces up on eBay?
I'd imagine the prices would stay low if I'm putting up several a week, I can get model releases from each of the models, and I could REALLY use the money right now.

So instead of asking for help through donations (which I was almost going to do, even though I hate doing it... I'm pushing through a rough spot right now!), I was thinking I could sell a few of these per week, and that way you guys would actually GET something for your donations.
What do you think?

Also, what do you guys think of eBay?
If you think selling them for a fixed price via the website would be a better idea than putting them all on eBay, tell me about that, too!


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