Lemon and honey
Posted December 14, 2004 at 02:01 am


I called off work for the day, and I'm at home resting and utilizing some of the wonderful advice you beautiful people have been sending me.
Thank you! Thank you!!

While I was working on today's strip, I saved off scans of each phase I went through so I can put together a sort of "how to" to show people how I make my strip.
Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square (um, if you couldn't tell by its primo ad space on my site, this is my favorite webcomic EV-ER) put together his own "how to" and I found it to be not only fascinating, but helpful.
That man amazes me; not only are his strips ADORABLE, but he puts so much time and care into them, AND he updates every weekday!
Once I find out how he makes this possible (while still affording food and clothing), I too will become a Jedi Webcartoonist, and will dazzle everyone with a daily strip.

*Sigh.* Somedeay...

Anyway, enjoy and with luck, I'll be up and running again in a day or two. Thanks again for the sick-person advice, y'all!

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