Posted March 19, 2007 at 02:01 am

Okay, big sale for THIS WEEK ONLY! You ready?

ALL GWS and Bat Boy strips will be available for $50 apiece from the 19th (the 2-year anniversary of my self-employment) until midnight of the 23rd (my birthday).
To find out which strips are still available, visit this page and e-mail me with the numbers you're interested in!

Shipping will be reduced for those who purchase more than one item - $8 for the first item, and only $3 for each item after that.

There are some really fun strips still available that I'm surprised haven't been snatched up yet.
For instance, the good old ""PREDATOR, Jameson!" "SEXUAL, Hazel." (GWS024), and the soda fight between Hazel and Maureen (GWS094).
And some of the newer ones, such as the color of cleavage one (GWS219).

To aid in your search, as per one reader's smart request, I finally updated the story arc archives page, so if you have a strip in mind but don't know what number it is, you can breeze through the story arcs to find the one you've got in mind.

Hope this makes up for the tee shirts that I no longer have available! :) (There'll be new ones someday, promise!)


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