Posted May 28, 2007 at 02:01 am

Okay, here's the announcement, folks:

The bad news:

Some of you already know about this, and many of you will hate me for this.
I'm leaving for California to visit family on June 1, and after that I'm driving directly to Paradise Toronto Con and Heroes Con.
I'm essentially going to be gone through the 20th of June and, realistically, there is no way I'll be able to do GWS during that time.

The GOOD news:

So rather than take a 2-week break and rush right back into a spotty thrice-a-week schedule, I've decided to take off the entire month of June and use that time to prepare a GWS facelift.

While I'm away, I'm asking readers (that's you guys!) to help me raise enough money to finally make GWS my full-time job.
There are a LOT of you now, so I'm not asking for like, $100 from everyone - just what you can afford, or what GWS is worth to you.

If I can raise enough to pay my bills for the rest of the year, I'll spend July-December 2007 writing & drawing GWS 5 times a week (with color Sundays if I can swing it!) and working on tee shirts, stuffed McPedros & other merchandise, a cleaner website with a better archive system, an RSS feed, a small forum, and FINALLY, a collected print version of the strips.

I'm a little nervous!

I'm basically putting my career in your hands.
If you want to get the full GWS five times a week, plus everything I just listed (and I'm open to more suggestions!), please help me raise enough so I can spend less time worrying about food & the electric bills, and more time getting Jamie and Hazel drunk at the gay bar.

That said, no, I won't be pissing away the money at the bar. :)
I'll be paying my bills early so that I can focus on the strip for the rest of the year.

Anyway, this was just the announcement - the official donations drive will begin a week from today.
There will be a LOT of information at this site (and it will remain static for the entire month of June), and if I can get it together in time, there will even be a newsletter sign-up so you can get an e-mail reminder when the strip starts back up.

While I'm at it, JULY 1st will be the day GWS returns!
I know that's a Sunday, but it's easier to remember than July 2.
Afterwards, donations permitting, GWS will be updated Mondays through Fridays until I run out of bill money.

Thanks in advance, and by all means, spread the word!
I can accept PayPal donations by clicking the yellowy-orange button below, and next week I'll post my mailing address for those of you who trust a check over PayPal.

P.S. Can I please tell you how much fun it was researching testicles for today's strip?


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