Wild Pig Comics this Saturday!
Posted October 21, 2007 at 02:01 am

Who's up for a day trip to northern New Jersey this weekend? Anyone? Anyone?

If you are, why not stop by Wild Pig Comics for their huge 50% off sale?
I'll be there doing $10 sketches and selling/signing copies of Postcards from 10 to 5 on Saturday, October 27.
All Postcards sales will go directly to the DONATIONS DRIVE so that GWS can continue into November.

Speaking of which, since the donations are drying up a bit, I've got a sale of my own going on.
ALL ORIGINAL GWS and BAT BOY STRIPS are now $50 flat, including shipping in the US*, and all proceeds go towards the donations drive to keep GWS going daily.
The prices will be going up from $65 to $75 after this huge sale, so get in on the low prices now while they last!
Check the list to see if the strip you want is still available.

*International and Canada pay the regular $8, which is still a bargain!

Clarice VS Maureen

I dedicate this strip to everyone who can't tell the difference between Clarice and Maureen.


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