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Posted October 31, 2007 at 02:01 am
saving the planet? Read on!

Hey guys! Okay, I have a new deal for you.

My friend Brian created a website called Free Mesa about a year ago, which is a community-geared website meant to reduce waste and bring people together.
Free Mesa allows people to offer things they no longer have a use for, or to request something that someone else may want to get rid of.
It's the "Reduce, Reuse" part of the Recycling mantra that we always skip over. I think it's a GREAT idea.

Free Mesa was recently given several pieces of quality equipment by an anonymous donor, including a couple of iPhones.
Brian has decided to give these items away to people who gain the most points in a month-long contest going on through November 15th.

For every person who joins FreeMesa through the link above (it's free, easy, and your garage will thank you!), I'll get nine points for the referral.
And if I win the contest, I get an iPhone.

Now, if that iPhone falls into my hands, YOU will get color Sunday strips from now on, starting in December.

So click the link and get rid of that old 1 megapixel camera you used to use, or your old cell phone that still works, or the couch you've been meaning to replace!

And by all means, don't be afraid to try to win the contest yourselves!
The more the merrier. Just click the link above, choose your login, and start e-mailing people about FreeMesa (or put the FreeMesa link on your MySpace page/website).

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