Things to say.
Posted January 4, 2008 at 02:01 am

So I have things to say, and I'm gonna say a few of them right now. Here's the news:

Signed & Sketched GWS Volume One books
The books are finally in! My weekend is booked, so I'm going to start sending them out next week.
Just thought I'd let you guys know that, while Lulu did a fab job on them and they were packaged VERY lovingly, they were not delivered until the 2nd.
They're in boxes in my living room right now, acting as a makeshift coffee table. I'll be signing & shipping them out in the order that they were purchased.

Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards
Not so much for me, but for my pal Jamie and his fabulous, totally unique webcomic In His Likeness.
I'd REALLY like him to win! So if you do a webcomic, and you like In His Likeness, would you vote for him at the link below? Aww, thanks, you're a pal!

MySpace HACK!
Thanks to everyone who contacted me (some even by phone!) regarding suspicious MySpace bulletins and comments coming from my account.
Unfortunately my account was hacked the very day I left for Christmas vacation, so I didn't get around to fixing the problem until yesterday.
Sorry for the confusion!

And despite the adult cartoons that were solicited by said hacker via my MySpace page, NO, I am not starting my career in hentai!
Jesus, people, don't you know me??!! If I wanted to dispose of my dignity, don't you think I would have drawn Jamie nakie by now?

I feel weird that I'm even bringing this up, but I feel weird not talking about it, too.
I was nervous about telling y'all where I went for my Christmas vacation - the freaking BAHAMAS - because I was afraid you'd think I was spending all of your generously-donated money on living some rock-star lifestyle.
Truth is, I was invited to join my boyfriend on a family trip - not necessarily my blood-related family, but a very nice family that adopted me for a week - and spent all of $30 (mostly airport food) the entire trip.
When I told you that the donations drive ONLY covers my bills, I meant it.

That said, I really want to share some of the photos with you guys. I miss sharing photos! I'll try to process them and turn them into wallpapers this weekend.

I've narrowed down some good resolutions for 2008; an important one for myself, and a handful for GWS.
On Monday I'm going to share the GWS resolutions, because I really want you guys to keep tabs on me.
It's a short list of some reasonable goals for GWS this year, including new GWS books and merchandise.
If I surpass my expectations, great, but for now, I just want to make sure I hit the ones that you fantastic readers deserve.

That's it! Stay tuned for photos and resolutions next week! And remember to tune in Sunday for another color Sunday strip!
Meanwhile, enjoy this merry and belated Happy Holidays photo from my family.


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