Things to say, cont'd.
Posted January 6, 2008 at 02:01 am

Here's everything I was gonna say last week. But first, a note about Sunday's strip!

Sunday's strip
If you didn't catch Sunday's strip, click the "back" arrow below today's comic strip.

I was pretty thrilled with this one, particularly because you early birds (ie. those who woke up before 3 pm yesterday) got to see the difference between the strip with just its base colors, and the finished strip with highlights and shading.
And even if you DID sleep in past 4 pm on a beautiful Sunday, you still get to see the difference! I put 'em side-by-side for comparison. Click below.

It seemed just wrong to go a single New Year's Eve without a NYE-themed GWS strip. And I do hope you'll note the grafitti in the bathroom.
Food One, for instance, wuz here.

GWS Resolutions
Now, I'm going to have to find the right place to post these, but for now, here are my resolutions (well, goals) for GWS in 2008.

    1. Put out Valentine's Day cards BEFORE V-day

    2. Switch over to ComicPress in order to fascilitate the following:

       -RSS feed

       -Comments section on website

       -Automatic updates

    3. Make GWS shirts available

    4. Finish revisions to GWS Volume One and slap an ISBN on it,

       sell via Diamond, etc. (deadline: end of April)

    5. Make GWS Volume Two available (deadline: end of April)

    6. Make GWS shotglasses available (deadline: end of June)

    7. Make McPedro plushies available (deadline: end of August)

    8. Make GWS Volume Three available (deadline: mid-November)

While I'm sure at least one of them will fall through the cracks, I think the majority of these are reasonable expectations for y'all to have of me this year.
First up, Valentine's Day cards. Wish me luck!

My own Resolution
I realize it isn't necessary for me to share my own personal resolution for the year, but I'm trying a new way of approaching difficult situations my life, and I thought some of you may find it interesting.

I've been struggling to come up with a mantra that suits my lifestyle, and I was inspired early-on by those cheesy (but smart!) "What would Jesus do" bracelets that came out years ago.
I'd sort of replaced it with different people - "What would Buddha do," "What would Mother Theresa do," "What would Elvis do" - but found that it's difficult to anticipate what other people would have done, even those with lives as well-recorded as Jesus himself.
Besides, I've never met any of these people before in my life.

So I found one, though I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it, so I won't claim to have come up with it.

"Everything you do, do with love." Not as easy as it sounds.
But highly recommended. What brought this on is a conversation with my father about stress, which is a serious problem I inherited from the Corsetto side of the family.
Every time I stress about something, my stomach kicks itself and I can feel the days being torn from my life expectancy.
And sure, work is the biggest factor (boy, imagine if I had a REAL job), but things like anger, petty annoyances, and disagreements can affect my body the same way.
So far, keeping this saying in mind has proven most helpful. I hope it does the same for you if you decide to try it. I dare you.

As promised, here are a few shots of the beach from the Bahamas. No palm trees or coconuts, just some simple beachside photography.


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