A day in aaaaaaand...
Posted March 22, 2005 at 02:01 am

So my first day of self-employment went from being the planned, productive, early-bird Monday it was supposed to be, to an attempt at recovering from a head cold.

I spent the weekend partying and relaxing with my friends Jeff & Becky Dow and Mike & Heather Fogg in Maryland, and came home with a nasty, stuffy sickness that I'm still suffering from.

So bad news is, I'm already almost two days off-schedule because I spent yesterday and most of today sleeping off the symptoms.
Good news is, I've been working my tail off tonight so my file cabinets are almost finished being re-organized, and most of the side work I've been doing is halfway done.

More on that good news side: I've had several people solicit scripts my way, so I'll be working on new comic book work within the next week!
On top of that I have a website to start designing shortly, and several commissions I'm putting together for buyers.
That means more cool stuff for you guys to look at! :)

One of the books I'll be working on shortly is an issue of Plastic Farm by Rafer Roberts (whose birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAFER!!).
That'll be my main April project. Oh, and I'll be attending not only Pittsburgh Comic Con April 22-24, but the week prior I'll be spending Saturday and Sunday (the 16th and 17th) at Wild Pig Comics II in Somerville, NJ doing my second 24-hour comic.
I know I've already brought it up, but they're going to have a big ol' sale that weekend at the store. I'll keep reminding you guys as the weeks get nearer.

I think that's it for-- oh holy crap! Okay, it's not really important, but I forgot to mention that my birthday is tomorrow.
Unfortunately, because of the cold knocking me on my ass this week, I'll be working all day long. But uh... my phone will be on, and I'll be checking my e-mail periodically if anyone, ah... y'know... wanted to remind me that I'm loved :)

I'm such an attention whore.

Anyway, that's it for me tonight. I'm exhausted and I'd like to get to sleep early so that I can visit my old drawing prof early in the morning to get some figure drawing in.

Sleep tight, y'all!

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