Shaky hands
Posted April 21, 2005 at 02:01 am

Unfortunately, a bout of sleeplessness in preparation for Pittsburgh this weekend has left me shaky and I can't ink the pencils on my strip tonight.
I will wake up as early as I can to wrap this sucker up, but for now, I'm not going to half-ass a comic when I could get a few hours' rest and wake up ready to treat it right.

So please check back in the early afternoon today for the new strip!

Meanwhile... what the F is that drawing in its place??

Why, it's one of the many sketches that will be featured in the mini-book I'm putting together for this weekend's convention.
I'll only be doing a small run of drawings from my little red sketchbook, focusing on bar, diner, and other eatery sketches, so get 'em while they're hot! (And while they're still available, for that matter!)

I've had several e-mails from people interested in buying original GWS strips (thank you!! THANK YOU!!) and therefore interested in keeping me alive and able to afford rent.
If you are one of these blessed and beautiful people - or if you're interested, but haven't e-mailed me yet - and you have a particular strip in mind, please let me know which number it is either by e-mailing me or calling me on my cell phone and I'll gladly put a "SOLD!" sticker on that original and keep it for you.
(Serious buyers only, please.)

In the meantime, I STILL have one free ticket to Pitts for anyone willing to help watch the booth for me!
Just reminding you gently... :)

I might have to put the sculptures on hold after all, it seems, but the banner should be finished by tomorrow, as should the booklets and a bunch of other little things to sell.
And as always, I'll be doing commissions (color upon request, even - ooooo!).
If you couldn't make it to Pittsburgh this year, I urge you to look into it next year - it's a great convention with a spectacular guest list and a huge audience.

*end plug*

If the new comic isn't up this afternoon, and you WILL be at Pittsburgh, you have my permission to thow pies at my face.

d out.

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