Posted June 18, 2008 at 02:01 am

Hey y'all, just a reminder that I'll be at HEROES CON this weekend in Charlotte, NC!
Dunno my table information yet, but you can look for one of these three things:

McPedro the Cactus
this tee shirt
my lovely assistant Katie

But how, you ask, would you recognize my Lovely Assistant Katie?

Friends, allow me to introduce to you three ladies you will be seeing more of soon.

The whacko on the left should be recognizable (see aforementioned tee shirt photo).
To my left is the talented Lauren, whose photography you saw in a strip or two of mine.
The girl to the far right is my old neighbor Vanessa, also madly talented.

So that leaves Katie, the short tan hottie between 'em.
Okay, so she's shorter than me, but she has much more of a presence. YOU WILL NOT MISS HER. Keep an eye out, Heroes goers!!

Also... I can't just avoid talking about it. The shirts. They are coming!!
So far we just have the cute proofs, but soon, you will be seeing these very ladies showing off the shirts for your preorder needs.
Keep an eye open and you can get yerself one, too!


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