Updates, and your chance to save my sanity.
Posted August 7, 2008 at 02:01 am

Boy howdy, we're having some seriously confusing problems here at GWS!

Many of you are reporting that you're not seeing the most recent strips as they're being updated.
This is especially confusing because some people are seeing today's comic, while others are seeing yesterday's.
I haven't encountered any problems from my desktop (PC running IE and Firefox, newest versions), nor from my iPhone (Safari).

Does anybody even know how this could be possible?

Basically I'd just like to know who to fire: my FTP client (FireFTP), my server (Speakeasy.net), or my webmaster (myself).

Unfortunately, the latter would be difficult to shit-can (she's emotional and may throw a fit), so I'm really hoping it's the first or second option.

If you know what's going on - and I mean REALLY know what's going on - please tell me before I throw myself off a building.

Thanks, web gurus!
And in the meantime, if you've been missing any strips, maybe you'd like to check the updated archive page, complete with separated story arcs!

**QUICK EXTRA NOTE** I don't think this is a cache issue.
Wednesday night, after I uploaded Thursday's comic, I checked the site and Thursday's comic was there. No tricks, just the correct page and comic strip.
Later Thursday afternoon, I reloaded the page and sure as shit, Wednesday's comic was showing.

So the pages are loading, but they're actually reverting back to the previous day's HTML a few hours later. C'mon, now THAT is bizarre!


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