The elements: wind and fire
Posted November 29, 2005 at 02:01 am

1. Wind

Does anybody else have a DSL connection that only works on clear, cloudless, windless medium-temperature days?
No? Well, I do!!

And although the temperature outside is a bizzarre and pleasant 60-something degrees at 3:30 in the morning, it's also been raining nonstop since yesterday, and the wind is so strong it's catching our windchimes (which, for one reason or another, don't chime unless there's a tornado).

So I've been getting (and continue to get) the "Local Area Connection: A network cable is unplugged" message on my toolbar with the seizure-inducing pattern of a strobe light.
It's driving me batty and I've finally just decided to give up.
I'm doing today's strip later this afternoon, when I get run out to the store and buy a new router to see if that's the problem first.

2. Fire

In other news, I spent about half an hour this afternoon littering my apartment with small Post-It notes.

The reason? My roommate Kris turned 2-- yesterday (never reveal a lady's age!) and his birthday gift to himself was to quit smoking.
So I played Quitter's Little Helper and spread little messages of joy reminding him that quitting will land him a better job, keep his lungs happy, and increase his "potential girlfriend" pool by 100%.

Forgive the browser-resized photo; I hate doing that, but I really don't feel like saving (and then trying to upload) a separate thumbnail for this.
Enjoy! (And Mom, beware - a lot of the messages could use a little soap to wash their mouths out with!)

P.S. To my smokin' readers: no offense meant by the nasty messages on these notes.
A good deal of my friends smoke. I just happen to care about you f*ers, and I'd like you to stick around a little longer. :)

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