Posted December 4, 2014 at 03:03 am

Hey, Austin! (Not you, person named Austin.) (Unless you live in Austin, Austin, in which case I'm sorry, Austin, i do mean you.)

This weekend at Dragon's Lair's Webcomics Rampage, we'll be doing a late-night panel again, on BOTH NIGHTS, from 9-11! There's no RSVP required this time, as the new store location is big enough to handle a crowd. Please be warned that there may be ADULT THEMES so obviously this is the best time to come see us.

We'll be selling stuff (I'll have copies of book 8 and Procrastination Posters, woo!) from 1-7 Saturday and Sunday! So come get some books and stuff, go get dinner, and then come back at 9:00 for the Adult Themes.

They will not be as adult as today's final panel. Sorry/you're welcome.

Oh hey, ALSO, I forgot to THANK YOU GUYS for the Patreon love! We've hit $1k, which means my fabulous colorist Laeluu will be chipping in on the extra bonus goodies soon (she colored yesterday's strip). It's never too late to join the club if you want! $5 for the whole shebang, anything under for a nice healthy smattering!


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