The Pillow
Posted January 7, 2021 at 10:00 pm

Oh boy, THIS arc!

Okay, here's the deal: I wrote this WHOLE NEXT WEEK'S ARC with the idea that (spoilers) Jamie and Fiona's boobs are LEGITIMATELY MAGICAL. Like, McPedro the Talking Cactus magical - nonsensically powerful. But I flubbed the explanation so bad that I wrote a bonus strip for the GWS compendium (did you know I'm selling those from my own humble garage/dining room table, btw?) to flesh out (lol) the story behind the Magical McJack Boobs.

I'm going to tack on that bonus strip under Thursday's chaser strip, just to make sure it's here, because otherwise the whole week feels like a slut-shaming parade and it was NOT meant to be read that way. The bonus strip is kinda "meh" in my opinion*, but it does the job!

*this might be kind of a bummer to share, but it's been shared elsewhere, so it might not be news to you: I was stupidly depressed in the last year of GWS, which is part of the reason I ended it; I could feel it seeping into my writing and it didn't seem fair to put my characters - or you guys - through it. That depression was still glowering over my days into the production of the compendium, so I'm a little, as I put it, "meh" about some of the writing I did for the books. I'd lost a lot of spark that I've been slowly regaining over time, and I'm a little embarrassed that, despite my efforts to keep the "meh" out of my work, there's still some "meh" in those books.

I don't know if this explanation was necessary, but if you read any of the work I did between 2013 and, well, recently, and felt like something was missing, it was that spark. I lost it for awhile. Sparks are special but they can slip right outta your hand! If you've got some spark, keep an eye on that shit and follow it around if it starts to wander!

Anyway, as always, here's the old post! 


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