Posted November 9, 2022 at 10:00 pm

I know I'm usually Hazel, but the bit about how much Jamie loves Haze when she's vulnerable came from the feeling I get with one of my best friends, whose default setting is a badass who seems able to shrug off any obstacle. Any time she'd let me in and show her human side, it felt like being trusted with the spare keys to someone's house, or their family's dark secrets. Maybe you know someone like that, whose exterior seems impenetrable, who surprises you when they show you it's not.

Here's the old post! 

(Holy shit y'all had a lot to say beneath each of these posts in those final weeks!! Aahhh I'm tearing up, it was so rewarding to go through the ending of this series with so many people, instead of alone. <3 )


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