Posted November 8, 2022 at 11:30 pm

That chattering-teeth pizza delivery guy is the second cameo from the Slingshot Across America Tour Kickstarter! (HI CHRIS) I always wonder if I'd recognize the people I've drawn into this comic from photos if I met them in person.

By the way, sorry if it seems weird that I haven't talked AT ALL about this being the LAST ARC IN THE CHASERS and that I don't have a plan for November 18th when these are all through (!!?!?!!!) - I'm still preparing for the studio tour this weekend and my brain isn't in the right place to talk about it yet! I'M NOT READY!! Aaahhh!! 

In short, though, I've been talking about this with friends for months, and I'm not going to throw away one of the few relatively civil online hangouts left in this world wide web. If you visit here daily, and you still want to after this run is over, you'll still be able to. I'll talk about it (and ask you for advice!) next week after I've decompressed from the tour. 

... and after my studio floor no longer looks like this.


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