Two Wonderful Sexes
Posted March 5, 2017 at 09:00 pm

Okay I miiiiiight be projecting my own early fears of sex onto poor Tyler here. 

Did anyone else have a horrified reaction to learning how sex/babymaking actually works? I know ten is a bit young to develop empathy, but did any BOYS out there freak out about what girls had to go through to make a baby?? 

If you came out to ECCC this past weekend and said hello, it was probably a great pleasure to see you! Thanks for stopping by! I say "probably" because I'm writing this before I leave so you never know, maybe one of you came by and sneezed in my face and didn't even apologize, in which case it was a mild pleasure to see you, and thank you for stopping by anyway.

Here's the old strip!


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