MY Christmas Party
Posted June 3, 2018 at 10:00 pm

I miss popping Robyn into strips at random.

Here's the old strip!

Hey, I keep forgetting to announce events down here because I forget that not all of you follow me on Twitter!

THE BOOKS ARE HERE and I have a garage FULL OF THEM, so I'm doing a signing tour in June and July! I'm hitting up the East Coast & Canada for now. You can see the tour dates --------> right over there!

Shepherdstown, Worcester, and Toronto are already locked in. I'm still looking for venues in the following places:

  • Portland, Maine
  • Rochester, NY

and I've got feelers out for the following:

  • Philly
  • Albany
  • Nova Scotia
  • Montreal
  • Pittsburgh

Albany is a weird one, because I want a sequel to 2010 when me and Jess Fink invited our fans to come play laser tag with us instead of doing a traditional signing! IT WAS A BLAST (no pun intended) and we wanna do it again! We need 25 people to RSVP in order to make this work. Let me know in the comments if you wanna join us!!

I hope I can see some of you this summer! Midwest, you'll be next, although it'll be a shorter tour!


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