GWS Hair of the Dog #10
Posted December 1, 2022 at 10:00 pm

I remember that first panel being a little too small and hard to read the first go around; hopefully Laeluu's coloring on the chaser strip helped it read a little more clearly!

It's still a vague concept, I guess, but I always considered getting down to the technically-valuable-but-still-kinda-novelty two-dollar bill in your wallet meant you were REALLY broke, because who burdens a shopkeep by spending a two-dollar bill? There's no slot in their counter for that bill! It's obnoxious!

Anyway, enjoy this absolute blast from the past, Tyler with his state-of-the-art webcam and CRT monitor.

Oh and here's your daily reminder that there's GWS stuff up for sale at the shop! Like this poster of a Jamie & Hazel watercolor I made a few years ago:


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